A sun dress. A very simple, floral-pattern sun dress. There is absolutely nothing sexy or overtly sexual about the dress Karina is wearing in these pictures. In fact, if the average girl wore it, you probably wouldn't give her a second look. But Karina is not the average girl, and on her, once again, simple becomes spectacular.

We've seen Karina in super-tight, cleavage-revealing sweaters and sexy lingerie. We've seen her as a vamp, and we've seen her as a slut. But these pictures truly reveal. What makes Karina so special; Her ability to make anything look sexy.

But Karina has a secret that she was willing to reveal to us: No matter what she wears, she likes to have on at least one thing that's sexy on its own, even if that thing isn't visible to casual observers on the street. And in this case, that something sexy is her underwear. The bra is a vintage push-up. Instead of panties she's wearing a sheer mini-skirt that beautiful accents her womanly hips.

"Wearing something sexy…
Featuring: Karina Hart
Date: June 23rd, 2022
Photos: 61

Member Comments

Karina's fairest of them all complexion on the Forest green is an absolute vacation for the Heart.

A Chance is Shetler You
With Ways Warm & Wide
That Honor of Responsibility
Where You might Peacefully abide
Ever Thanks to the Gracious Rain,
for bringing me You

A Touch of Cream to Cherish You
With Hand Preceptive & True
Humbling is the Opportunity
Where You might Dare the Dew
Ever Thanks to the Stern Sun,
for Revealing You

A Moment of Silence to Understand You
With Time, Inflection grants Life to Our Words
That most Important Truth resonating for me
When Dark runs before Your Loving, Heard
Ever Thanks to Doubtful Night,
For Inspiring You

Evers are not of Fairy Tales Few
With Dedication, Affection reaches to be Ever New
The Greatest Effort is Effortless when True
A Scarlet Bloom in a World washed of Blue
Ever Thank Lady Charity,
For My Every Love of You

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