Karina Hart: Karina's Special Bra

Karina's Special Bra
The main focus of this week's photo posting is Karina's blue bra. Okay, check that. When Karina's in the picture, the main focus is always on her beautiful face, her bodacious body. But what makes these photos even more special is the blue bra. Now, we haven't seen Karina in a lot of colorful bras, and we're not sure why. Although she is. "I have a very difficult time finding bras that fit in any color but white or black," she told us. "When I see a colorful bra that fits, I always buy it. I bought two of of these, one in blue and another in pink." Of course, isn't it just like us to have Karina take off the blue bra so soon after she put it on? Hey, let's face it: No matter what color bra Karina is wearing, we always like it better off than on. "I think I would like to wear this bra under a sheer, white button-down top," Karina said, feeding our imaginations. "I bet you that would get a lot of stares!" A lot of stares, a lot of boners. A typical day in the life of Karina Hart.
March 31st, 2022   
63 mins   
Rating   4.0/5 Stars

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