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Game, Set, Tits!

Karina met Mandy Pearl, an F-cup newcomer from England, while on-location in Budapest, Hungary, to film the DVDs Hooter Hotel and Busty Riding Academy. They immediately hit it off, and when we suggested that they head outside for a game of big-boob tennis, the girls giggled, grabbed their racquets, grabbed their racks and ran outside. Our reporter at the scene described it this way: 'Karina gives us a jiggle and a giggle and bounds back over to her side of the court to hit some balls for video. We get so caught up in the tit-tennis that we don't see Mandy come onto the court. 'How do I look?' Mandy says with her crisp British accent. Does this make my tits look nice? 'We turn around, and Mandy is in a sheer, white t-shirt that is stretched so tight over her pretty titties that we can clearly make out the outline of her areolae. She asks us if she should shake her tits for us, too, and we almost clap in anticipation. All these tits are reducing us to mush. And then the girls are playing tennis, and although Mandy has some skills, we don't care if they hit the balls or not. We just want them to keep running and jumping around. But the muggy weather gets the best of them, and within minutes they are hot and sweaty. And then we hear the words we've been waiting for 'Bring out the water balloons, says Peter, our photographer, and the girls laugh and jog over.' Gentlemen, we know that it might be very cold right now, depending on where you are. But if this video doesn't warm you up, nothing will.

Come See My Massive Tits Inside!

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